Monday, October 11, 2010

Moving Fast...

We met with the Medical Oncologist today and we are now moving at warp speed. We sat and talked with the physician for a while then we were brought into the "treatment area" where the chemo would be administered. A financial coordinator came and met with us and went over insurance information, then a nurse came in with is and talked with us about They do it over a 3 week cycle. The first week is the toughest week and we will have to be there at 8:00am and stay for 8 hours, Monday thru Friday. The next week it would only be a one hour visit and same with the third week. That whole cycle would be repeated 3-4 times. Drew is having a port placed on Thursday at Holland Hospital, which will make administering the chemo alot easier and safer. We would start the chemo next monday the 18th, all depending on what they say at IU on Friday.
 We are still planning on going down to Indiana University on Thursday night to have their opinion. If they say that Chemo is the best route then we will start immediately. There still is the chance that they might say surgery is the better option to start with then we can still cancel the chemo and move on from there. He would most likely still have to have chemo after the surgery and is why they feel like they can put in the port. 
Im writing this very quickly before I have to go to work, so i apologize if i missed anything or anything is spelled wrong:)


  1. Warp Speed is good. Drew and Jamie you are both in our prayers. Remember win each battle and celebrate them. War was not won over night. Love you both.

  2. wow, happening very fast. hang in there guys - love you. safe travels to indiana!