Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm supposed to be studying. I have been out of school for 2 years and I forgot how easy it is to get distracted. Never the less, I'm going to allow myself a couple minutes of distraction to update everyone!

It has been a rough week and an even rougher weekend. Then chemo hit Drew pretty hard this round. It hit him sooner in the week and so far has lasted longer. Today (Tuesday) he felt slightly better so we are hoping that he is turning a corner and will start being able to eat normal foods and keep them down. He spends most of his time on the couch napping or watching TV. Even with the medication switch it is still a pretty rotten weekend. It helps knowing that hopefully that we will only have one more crazy rough week. We are looking forward to lives getting back to normal and Drew is looking forward to eating normally again. He is making a list of foods that he is going to devour once his appetite is back... Fricano's, Russ' Taco salad, root beer floats etc.. He has lost 10 pounds from the beginning of this cycle of chemo so he is looking forward to packing those pounds back on! Speaking of good food...

I'm getting very excited for Thanksgiving. For those who know me, they know that Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays. The delicious food, bowling (my entire Hoogland side of the family heads to Zeeland lanes for a game) and family time together. I don't know what our plan is for this year, depending on how Drew is doing but I still look forward to taking a day to slow down and be thankful for everything that God has provided. This year we have LOTS to be thankful for... Amazing family, great friends, to be living in a time where cancer is treatable and curable, an entertaining kitty, jobs, freedom and a God who loves us dearly and has a plan for us. So in case I don't have time to update again before Thanksgiving, I hope everyone has an amazing Turkey day!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Round two and great news!

Round two has begun. It started with a appointment with the doctor on Monday morning before the chemo started. He said that everything looks good and we talked with him about 3 or 4 rounds of chemo. He said that we would for sure do the 3 rounds and then do a CT scan and lab draw and see what shows up and go from there. We are really hoping for 3 rounds!. They also drew some lab work on Monday. Every week they draw a CBC (Complete Blood Count) which shows his platelets, hemoglobin, and White blood count, which were all really low last week and have all come back to normal limits this week. They expect this to happen each round- the last week of the cycle all those counts will most likely drop and hopefully come back up before the new cycle starts. At the beginning of each new cycle of chemo they also are going to draw a BCHEM and tumor markers. His BCHEM, which is all electrolytes: potassium, sodium etc, all look really good. On to the tumor markers... (Drum roll please) both labs that they drew went down TREMENDOUSLY! The AFP which was around 600 when he was diagnosed, and then 300 after his surgery is now down to 59.6! His BHCG level was around 9 when he was diagnose, down to 6 after the surgery and is now at <0.1!!! We are super excited about this because hopefully this means that even though the chemo is tough, it is doing its job and killing all those pesky cancer cells!
On to the actual chemo report, Drew has been tolerating the chemo. Again, it makes him very exhausted and nauseated with decreased appetite but we did have his nausea medications changed around for this cycle and seems to be working better than the other medication. We are praying that this weekend will not be as difficult as the previous end of the tough week was for him and with minimal side effects!
Thank you so much for everyone's thoughts and prayers, it is really amazing to feel such love surrounding us.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Medical talk

We have officially started the 3rd week of treatment. It is the last week of the first cycle. We still are not sure if Drew will have 3 or 4 cycles. Today, we headed into the Hem/Onc Center for another short treatment. The nurse drew labs off his port. She notified us the Drew's white count, Hemoglobin and platelets had taken a pretty significant drop. His white count had taken the biggest hit, which means his is highly susceptible to infection.We have to ask that if you are sick or have sick little ones that you keep your distance from Drew as he is unable to fight any kind of infection. The other two labs, the Hemoglobin- dropped as well but not as much as the white count, this could manifest itself with increased fatigue but nothing too significant. The lowered platelets can increase bleeding but they aren't at a crazy low level so we just have to be aware that it is a possibility. That's about it for the medical talk. :)

This weekend was a good one, it started on Friday night going out with family. I went out with my two sisters to CityVu Bistro for dinner and then headed to New Holland to listen to the live band and drinks. Drew headed out with Austin and Brad (brothers in law) for buffalo wild wings for dinner. It was a great time getting out of the house and hanging out with the Family Thanks guys for the girls/guys night out!

Thanks again to everyone for the love and support. We have the best family, friends and co-workers!!
We love you all!!