Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hijacked and Help!

Hello all!

This is Jay's biggest sis Lindsey here! I've hijacked Jamie and Drews Blog to ask for some help.

The treatment phase of this journey is quickly drawing near and as a family, we really believe that Drews energy is best used in focusing on healing his body and Jamie's energy is best used in nursing Drew back to health. Taking meal planning, cooking and shopping off their plate is just one way we can help them direct their energies where they are most needed! We would love to be able to provide Jay and Drew meals during the time while Drew is undergoing treatment.

As it stands, Chemo will start Monday, with an intense week (5days, 8 hrs a day) and then two lesser intensity weeks. Our goal is to provide 3 meals during the intense week (mon, wed, fri), and two meals in the lesser intensity weeks (tues, thurs).

My goal is to try to get a sign up "thing" right here on the blog, but being I'm not a computer guru, that may take some work (let me know if you can help me here!)...but as for now, if you are interested in helping out, you can contact me by e-mail  hoogielj@Hotmail.com with "durham meal" in the subject line so i know its not junk :) Also in your e-mail please include a phone number so we can contact you if needs be.

If for some reason the treament plan changes or their needs change, we will contact those who sign up as soon as we know what the updated plan will require. 

Thanks again for all the support you all have been giving Jamie and Drew! We love you all for it!

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  1. great idea! jay & drew, don't ever hesitate if you guys need anything else!