Saturday, January 29, 2011


Drew is a champ. Thats all I can say.  He is doing really good. He is doing everything he needs to be doing to get better. He has started eating today, not much but little by little he is starting to get his stomach working again. He has had a little nausea with eating but we are hoping this will get better and better as he continues to eat. He got his IV taken down this afternoon and now is only on oral pain medication.  He is walking the halls about 3 times a day and sitting up in a chair for parts of the day as well. It is painful at times when getting in and out of bed and coughing but the pain is generally tolerable. We couldnt be more excited at how well he is doing, we just pray that things continue to go smoothly and he is able to continue to increase his food intake and moving with minimal pain. He might be able to get out of the hospital tomorrow if he continues to do this well. Please pray for a comfortable drive as it will take about 4 hours to get back home and we are hoping for smooth roads and little traffic.


  1. Yay! This blog seriously needs to install a "like" button :)

  2. SO SO happy, Jamie and Drew! Praying you get to come home tomorrow, and have a safe trip. Lindy is coming home for 2 weeks - hopefully she can see you!